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  • November26th

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    I was nominated twice for the 2nd Annual 2 Regular Guys Industry Awards – The REGGIES!

    Categories I was nominated are:

    • Most Helpful Industry Forum Poster – 2014 
    • Best Guest on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast – 2014

    This is a great honor just to be nominated yet would be fantastic if I were to win.Of course it would , eh!  Please take a second and Go Vote for Richard Reilly – Me – aka – Fluid

    Votes will be tallied until December 18th, 2014 at 5PM CST and we will announce the winners on a special broadcast on the 19th of December at 10AM CST. Please vote and let other know to place their votes.

    Vote Here: http://2regularguys.com/2014-industry-awards/




    Your Vote and Support is very much appreciated….Cheers

  • October8th

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    My latest article in  Impressions Magazine

    The Key to Quicker Art Production – Impressions – October 2014 – Page 64
      @fluiddsn #screenprinting

  • December5th

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    Barbed Wire Custom Artistic Media Brush

    Click Image to download Zip Archive

    Custom Vector Barbed Wire Artistic Media Brush for CorelDRAW X6.2 Also included in the zip archive is a Legacy version of the brush for those who have not upgraded to X6.

    Enjoy & Happy DRAWing.


    Stay Corelian my Friends!

  • August16th

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    Coming soon via The Robot Mommy  https://www.facebook.com/Kristitherobotmommy After a little word play post that turned into a lot of great posts I decided to come up with a quick logo obliviously inspired by Shark Week. Just  some quick logo play to give me a break from the norm.

  • August8th

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    Everyone wants a recognizable identity from day one without the years of advertising that comes with almost every reputable brands you see, such as Nike, Stussy, Hawk, Apple, etc..  Seriously get with the program.  These things take time and most fail.  Aggressive advertising and great products will get your name out,  Not some funky logo. In most cases simple is better.  Once your brand is recognizable,  then you can play with logo edits and chances yet until sit tight and push your brand. Changing your logo may cause issues and loss of customers due to not recognizing your logo.   to be continues….. have to rework a clients design lol