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CorelDRAW® on Youtube has a considerable amount of video tutorials where you can learn every aspect of the Corel Graphics Suite and more.    https://www.youtube.com/user/CorelDRAWchannel


Links to all sorts of tutorials and Corel related information.

Fluid’s How 2 Vector
Distress Filter / Overlay
CorelDRAW Gradient Mesh Tool – Webinar
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Tips & Tricks – Corel Corporation
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Tutorials
How to create custom Outline Enhanced Pattern styles
COREL Training
LVS Online Classes
Advanced Artist
Total Graphics Network
CorelDRAW for Skinners
CG Tutorials – CorelDRAW
Arranging a rectangle in a grid. | Let Corel do the math for you
Working with MonoChrome Objects
CorelDRAW! Tips & Tricks
CorelDRAW Tips
CorelDraw | Misc Tutorials
CorelDraw | PhotoPAINT Tutorials
CorelDraw | PhotoPAINT Tutorials
How To Create Text That Fills a Shape in CorelDRAW
Crop an irregular shape using Intersect
Crop an irregular shape using Lens
Crop an irregular shape using PowerClip
Fill an irregular shape using the Mesh Fill Tool
Converting a sketch to an illustration in CorelDraw
Nice Tutorials yet need Translation
Corel DRAW Video Tutorial packages
Beginner Tutorials
High Quality video-based tutorials CorelX3
Beginner – Knife Tool
Custom Sprayers Can Add Real Drawing Power
To open and work with CorelDraw files very fast
Tutorials Expert
CorelDraw tutorial and Free Vectors